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Over the past several years, there has been a lot of information encouraging homeowners to make energy saving upgrades to their homes. Replacing old windows & doors with energy efficient models such as Provia or Anderson can be a great investment. Manufacturers have improved the quality and efficiency due to the numerous new tax credits that were released over the past few years. The improvements mean you will receive a better quality window for a more affordable cost than originally thought. Replacement windows do not show an initial pay back for your investment, but over a period of time you will experience a payback with energy savings. If you still have old wooden window frames, the wood can warp over time and bend allowing gaps for air to creep in creating a drafty environment in your home, drastically decreasing your energy savings.


The right home door can leave a lasting first impression. Does your current door convey beauty, a warm welcome, a sense of security, and your personality? Door replacements should project your sense of style and complement your home by presenting a welcoming view. Three Brothers Services offers you endless door replacement styles to choose from. There’s only one limiting factor; the size of the opening. Front doors come in singles or doubles. They can have sidelight windows and a motif of Modern, French and Victorian. We use trusted brands such as Provia and Thurma-Tru.

In addition to enhancing the exterior of your home, improving curb appeal, and increasing resale value, a new quality made front door can also increase your home’s energy efficiency. With the rising of awareness about energy savings, door manufacturers have improved the quality and efficiency of their doors compared to decades ago.

Three Brothers Services

About Three Brothers Services

Three Brothers Services is a newly formed construction company, built on the backs of three lifelong friends with over 60 years of combined experience in the home construction services industry. From foundations to roofing and every detail in between, Eric, Matt, & Jason have brought together their versatile talents in the building trade industry to deliver the highest quality craftsmanship with the utmost integrity and respect to our customers. We strive to make the construction process as stress free as possible through proper planning, scheduling, and organization.